Udex - Code Red mini-album CD

Artificial intelligence runs amok in this new story of Udex: "Code Red". Udex is about to reveal his mini-album CD containing his latest productions. As you might have seen before in the themes of his latest tracks: 'Final Theory', 'Cosmic Battle', 'Simulation', Udex is truly inspired by science(-fiction) and implements several elements from this genre into his tracks. In his new album he tells the story of: 'Code Red' which takes place in an futuristic time period.

You are about to enter an obsolete world ruled by machinery with highly advanced artificial intelligence. More about the tracks  and the final releasedate will be revealed soon. The mini-album will be available on CD and also contains the full original mixes of the tracks.  Embrace & behold the upcoming mini-album of Udex.

Check out the official teaser right here:

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